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How To Invite More Devices To Your AVG Network

Due to the increasing insecurity among the present generation, the use of antivirus and antimalware has gone too high. There was a time when no one even knows what a virus or antivirus is. These things came into existence only when this computer or digital era started in the late 70s or in early 80s. Since then we are facing different types of cyber threats one after another. In recent times, WannaCry, Petya and after that Not Petya are most common ransomware attacks.

To prevent our systems, we install best of antivirus software’s. One such software is AVG. It is one of the most sort out application in recent times. It provides complete protection against any virus or malicious program. It side by side checks your internet connection for any suspicious activities. In this blog, AVG Support Australia has provided you the steps that you can follow to invite more devices to join your AVG network.

After connecting all your devices, you will be able to see and manipulate the status of all the connected apps and software’s on to your administrative system. Just follow the below mentioned steps in order to get your desired results:

  • 1. In your administrator’s computer, open the management console app.
  • 2. On the home page of your console application, press the + icon to add new devices.
  • 3. In the next window, you have to choose the type of the device. There are two options available, one is for a PC and another is for an android devic.
  • 4. Type in the recipient’s email address to send them a link and after that select the continue button.
  • 5. You will be shown the pending status until this new system connects for the first time.
  • 6. An invitation code will be sent to this new system.
  • 7. Go to that system and there follow the on screen instructions to add it to the network.

After completing these steps, you are done with your setup. You can directly Contact AVG support team from your phone to get an instant solution to your problem if you are facing any. This support team can assist you in solving your problem. Moreover, they themselves can get the solution for you by remotely taking the control of your account into their hand and then will return you the account as safe as it was before.

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